Why encapsulation?

Us humans are the only mammals who do not eat systematically our placentas. This practice, called placentophagy, has been mostly forgotten for a long time. It is still not very well known even though it has many wonderful benefits, both for the new mother and for the baby.

These benefits help to:

- Recover faster from childbirth

- Rebalance hormone levels in the new mother

-Bring the mother's iron level back to normal 

- Reduce the risks of experiencing the baby blues

- Boost breastmilk production

There are many different ways to consume placenta, but rare are those who are at ease, or ready to eat it like meat. Encapsulation, which consists in dehydrating the placenta, grinding it into a powder and encapsulating it into capsules, is an interesting way to enjoy all the benefits of placentophagy, in the form of an encapsulated supplement. 

* Please note that these benefits are based on anecdotal evidence as there has not been sufficient studies on the subject. It is up to the mother to determine the effect the placenta has on her. No one other the mother to whom the placenta belongs should consume it.