Energy Treatment of the Placenta by Madeleine Vallée

The placenta is linked by the umbilical cord to the child, and not to the mother. It is considered at the alter-ego of the newborn and they even share the same genetic coding.

A preson who has had a limb amputated can still feel it's presence, as if the limb was still there. Actually, the person't energy field is still intact, ans so energetically, the limb is still there. It's the same for the placenta, which will always remain energetically connected to the child. 

So, even though the umbilical cord has been cut and the placenta has been separated from the newborn, an energy treatment on the placenta will have the same benefits on the child.

Every birth is a difficult passage, and especially the ones that didn't happen as we would have wanted. The imprints linked to the first stages of life happen to be amongst the most important in the developpemet of the human being. They are called the limbic imprint. These imprints can alter the emotionnal and physical vitality of the hman being and affect the most precious part of his personnality: self-esteem. 

These imprints, still free flowing at birth, solidify with time and create blockages in the energetic flow of the body. Thankfully, it is possible to heal these imprints from the very first day of life, to allow the child to grow up without these blockages, without these burdening emotionnal wounds. 

My treatements seek to free our infants and young children of these burdening imprints and give them their best chance of health and well-being for the rest of their life. 

Printing a palcenta on a sheet of paper reveals a tree; in the image of life, of the child's genealogy, and of a very personnal story. Every child should be able to begin his story with love, confidence and ease, so he can developp all his potential in life. 

Isn't that how we can build a more peaceful and loving world, one birth at a time?